L'Art de la conférence!   POUR devenir orateur à grand impact!

The art of speech! To create a huge impact!

On Wednesday evenings, beginning on October 17, 2018, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

The academy is:  

  • 10 weekly small group classes (maximum of 8 people) for 3 hours
  • 10 hours of individual support to prepare for a final conference (depending on individual needs)
  • A public speech

There are no prerequisites for these classes.

The contents of these classes will be developed and tested in a spontaneous and structured way.

The artistic director’s guidelines allow immediate integration and application of the principles learned.

This workshop is useful if you are the following:

A Life Coach
An Author
A Leader
A Professional
A Trainer or a Public Speaker

Do you want to fully express yourself?

Do you dream of being a public speaker with a tremendous impact?

Would you like to reach a higher level of public speaking, no matter your present level?

You would love to express yourself with unshakeable confidence?

Create a conference worthy of an Encore?

Or to simply eliminate your fear of speaking in front of a crowd?

If you have answered YES to ONE of these questions, this workshop is for you!​

The principles taught are based on the personal essence of each individual because YOU are Unique.

This workshop will guide you to new horizons regardless of your actual level. Don't be satisfied with average results when you can be your very best!

It takes an excellent artistic director, specialized in conferences like Mitch Aubertin & Sylvain Bergeron to help you to become an excellent speaker.

Communicating our emotions happens on three levels: 7% words, 38% paraverbal (tone, voice, pitch) and 55% nonverbal (adjusting your gestures accordingly, occupying your space on stage, etc.);
It is therefore important to note that 93% of your success as a speaker depends on other forms of communication other than your words, this is what we call the ART OF SPEECH!

Get ready for 10 intensive weeks.

Wednesday evenings, beginning on October 17, 2018, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

At l'ENAP, 4750 Ave Henri—Julien, Montréal (Quebec) H2T 2C8

What to expect?

- Refine your public speaking skills to captivate your audience.

- Structure and enhance the quality in your conference talks.

- Increase your credibility and your influence on the audience.

- Spark the interest of your audience from beginning to end of your speech.

- Transmit your message with ease, style and passion.

- Be totally present in the moment with your audience.

- Transmit powerful messages with authenticity.

- Use non-verbal language to influence the audience.

- Own your stage.

- Learn the tricks of the profession.

- Learn the systematic and the technical logic funnel.

- Captivate your audience with your charisma.

- Learn how to adapt to your public and any circumstances.

- Structure and refine your conference to create a final worthy recall.

- Acquire unwavering confidence.

- Present your conference in front of an audience.

- Get a certificate of Excellence of the Academy "The Art of Speech."

Get ready to transform your life!